Lydian mode

Lydian mode
noun Music the mode represented by the natural diatonic scale F–F (containing an augmented 4th).

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  • Lydian mode — Due to historical confusion, Lydian mode can refer to two very different musical modes or diatonic scales. Greek Lydian mode The Lydian mode is named after the ancient kingdom of Lydia in Anatolia. In Greek music theory it was based on the Lydian …   Wikipedia

  • lydian mode — noun Usage: usually capitalized L Etymology: translation of Greek harmonia lydia 1. : a Greek mode consisting of two disjunct tetrachords represented on the white keys of the piano by a descending diatonic scale from C to C see greek mode… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Lydian mode — Music. an authentic church mode represented on the white keys of a keyboard instrument by an ascending scale from F to F. [1800 10] * * *       in music, fifth of the eight medieval church modes. See church mode. * * * …   Universalium

  • Lydian mode — /lɪdiən ˈmoʊd/ (say lideeuhn mohd) noun a scale, represented by the white keys of a keyboard instrument, beginning on F …  

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  • Lydian dominant scale — The Lydian dominant scale, or Lydian music|flat7 scale [Fewell, Garrison. Sessions: Lydian Dominant Strategies , Guitar Player 32:2 (February 1998), p. 154 155.] , is a synthetic scale which, starting on C, runs C D E Fmusic|sharp G A Bmusic|flat …   Wikipedia

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